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Visit from Libya’s Ministry of Electricity

A committee from Libya’s Ministry of Electricity visited Boğaziçi Electricity Distribution Inc. on Monday January 27, 2014.

The meeting that took place at BEDAŞ Head Office was attended by the Libya Ministry of Electricity Committee, BEDAŞ General Manager Abdullah Atalay, Customer Services Director Reşit Bilgili, Investment Director Göksel Ünlü, Systems Management Director Orhan Kaldırım, Project, Planning and R&D Manager İlker Dursun and Corporate Communications Management.

BEDAŞ General Manager Abdullah Atalay welcomed their guests and informed them in detail about their work over the next period. The committee also visited Bakırköy Customer Services and ALO 186 BEDAŞ Call Center to closely observe the practices.

Executive presentations on OSOS (Remote Counter Reading) and CBS (Geographical Information System) projects were shared with the committee.


Headmen from Kağıthane District Host BEDAŞ

Coming together with BEDAŞ Çağlayan Area technical personnel on May 6, headmen from Kağıthane district voiced demands and suggestions from their neighborhoods. BEDAŞ technical personnel in their turn informed the headmen about the work and investment plan for the next term. In the meeting, held in a warm atmosphere, new contact information was shared with the headmen that will make it much easier for them to reach BEDAŞ.


İstanbul Celebrates 100 Years of Electricity

İstanbul celebrates the 100th anniversary of electricity coming into our lives.

Hosting economic and politic summits and being considered among the world’s most prominent metropolises with its historical and cultural riches, great population and ever-lively tourism, İstanbul was lit by electricity for the first time in 1914. Cadde-i Kebir, today known as İstiklal Avenue, was then lit by lanterns.

After Silahtarağa Thermal Plant came online as the first significant electricity production facility, the historical trolleys were electrified on February 11, 1914, followed by residences on February 14.

Today, electricity is used not only in lighting but continually in each aspect of our lives; from transportation to health, production to consumption, wherever any value is created. It claims a place as one of the indispensables of our lives, along with air, water, fire and earth.


CLK Energy Attends Solutions in Health Meetings

CLK Energy, one of the giants in Turkey’s energy sector, attended Solutions in Health Meeting, held in Antalya by OHSAD.

CLK Energy, leading the Turkish energy sector and raising the bar in electricity distribution, continues supporting other sectors. CLK Energy attended OHSAD Solutions in Health Meetings, supported by Ministries of Health and Social Security, and came together with leading companies from the health care sector. Opening speech of the meetings, held at Antalya Belek, was given by Faruk Çelik, Minister of Labor and Social Security.

OHSAD Solutions in Health Meeting are also closely watched by international health care companies.

In order to provide a better service to its subscribers in electricity distribution and retail, CLK Energy continually renews its networks, while at the same time providing high-quality and uninterrupted electricity in its sales aspect, with solutions that fit the customer profile and needs.

CLK Energy continues working towards raising awareness in all health care agencies and institutions.



CBS Piri Reis Award

Boğaziçi Electricity Distribution Inc. (BEDAŞ), received an award at the International Smart Infrastructure and Geographic Information Systems Congress (SEGIS), organized by Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and Piri Reis Mapping and Real Estate CBS Foundation. BEDAŞ became one of the first companies to receive an award in this event, held this year for the first time.

The awards were given by Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and Piri Reis Mapping and Real Estate CBS Foundation to companies that have been able to successfully map infrastructure systems. BEDAŞ received the award for its Geographical Information System (CBS), the result of work that started in 2010, which allows BEDAŞ to effectively follow the electric network from a single station.

Speaking at the “Improvements in the Smart Infrastructure, City and Geographical Information Field” panel of SEGIS, Boğaziçi Electricity Distribution General Manager Abdullah Atalay evaluated the award they received. Atalay stated that electricity distribution companies had the obligation to constantly track electric network to provide better service to their customers, saying, “as BEDAŞ, we started survey study and numbering efforts for our present subscribers and network through CBS in 2010. In a project lasting two and a half years, we’ve identified locations and technical properties of all network elements, above and below ground. We’ve completed electrical and geographical addressing of our subscribers. As a result of committing all of our findings into CBS, today we can manage our electric network, an important part of our asset management, from a single station.”


Bosphorus Photographers at Work

“Bosphorus Photographers,” attending the photography course aimed towards BEDAŞ personnel, continued their education practically at the Museum of Archeology after three weeks of theoretical education.

Gathering at the Archeology Museum on the first day of Ramadan, Bosphorus Photographers practiced their first photography studies under instructor supervision. In this fun shoot where a complete synergy was achieved, trainees both enjoyed themselves and took their first steps towards becoming skilled photographers.

Bosphorus Photographers had an opportunity to practice their studies at the Archeology Museum, indoors and outdoors with different lighting conditions.

After this applied training, some of the photographers continued shooting around Sultanahmet.

Photographers also started a Facebook group among themselves to share their work and to carry on with their activities together after their education. The website,, will also be active soon. An exhibition in September is also being planned out.


Boğaziçi Electricity Energy Demands System

Boğaziçi Electricity Distribution Inc. (BEDAŞ), held a meeting with members of İstanbul Chamber of Electricity Technicians Merchants and Craftsmen (ETO) on November 21, 2013, at Avcılar Municipality Barış Manço Cultural Center to discuss the last period’s activities.

Turkey’s biggest electricity distribution company, Boğaziçi Electricity Distribution, introduced the pilot application developed by its own software team, BETSİS (Boğaziçi Electricity Energy Demands System) to ETO, a first in Turkey.

In the meeting, Boğaziçi Electricity Distribution Customer Services Director Reşit Bilgili mentioned that BETSİS will be benefited from in customer relations management and following online energy demands. The application is intended to save a great deal of time in work processes.

The meeting was attended by Boğaziçi Electricity Distribution General Manager Abdullah Atalay and deputies, ETO Chairman Osman Yeşilyurt, ETO Board members, and approximately 200 electricity technicians registered to ETO. Boğaziçi Electricity Distribution will come together with ETO, founded with an aim to make the merchants’ and craftsmen’s professional activities easier and make sure these activities improve in accordance with the general interests of the profession, at six month intervals to evaluate activities.

Current information about the structural changes and applications of Boğaziçi Electricity Distribution, valuing shareholders’ opinions and concentrating on shareholders meetings, were shared during the meeting. “We will complete our structural changes soon, with our personnel and shareholders. We are working with devotion for a better-quality service,” said Abdullah Atalay.


BEDAŞ-EMO Information Exchange Meeting

An Information Exchange Meeting was organized on January 4, 2014 at Beşiktaş Municipality’s Levent Cultural Center, attended by Boğaziçi Electricity Distribution Inc.  and members of EMO and SMM.

The meeting was attended by BEDAŞ Customer Services Director Reşit Bilgili, BEDAŞ personnel as well as administrators and members of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers. The meeting was moderated by EMO Board Treasurer İsa Güngör. After greeting the attendees, İsa Güngör gave the floor to BEDAŞ Customer Services Director Reşit Bilgili.

Reşit Bilgili remarked that there were no setbacks in our services after the privatization that took place on May 28, 2013, saying that, “Looking at the contemporary service mentality, the customer awareness definitely has to be raised. We know from European examples that the customer, with an environmentalist approach, may question how the supplier produces electricity and what percent of it is obtained from renewable energy. Therefore, it is our goal to raise customer awareness, providing them with more data and making them better equipped with smart modelling.”

Reşit Bilgili informed EMO and SMM members about BEDAŞ in his speech, emphasizing the importance of shareholders in improving the quality of service.

Taking the floor after Reşit Bilgili, Chairwoman of the EMO İstanbul Branch Beyza Metin indicated that their goal is to work with BEDAŞ authorities to provide solutions to the work life problems of SMM members.

Giving information about energy efficiency, savings and preventing losses in her speech, Beyza Metin stated that working together with BEDAŞ towards these goals has great importance in lightening the burden of electricity users, and energy sources and assets of our country.

The meeting proceeded with a presentation about BEDAŞ’s new structuring and practices, and an EMO briefing presentation.

The concluding Q&A part, held after a break, was attended by Boğaziçi Electricity Retail Inc. Customer Relations Director Kubilay Kaplan, BEDAŞ Systems Management Director Orhan Kaldırım, BEDAŞ Loss & Leakage Director Erol Binici and BEDAŞ Customer Services Director Reşit Bilgili where they answered questions.


BEDAŞ Senior Management Meets Personnel

BEDAŞ Senior Management and personnel came together at Elite World Hotel.

Boğaziçi Electricity Distribution Inc. Chairman of the Board Ekrem Cengiz, General Manager Abdullah Atalay and BEDAŞ executives met with electricity engineers and technicians at a breakfast event on April 19, at Elite World Hotel. Chairman of the Board Cengiz and General Manager Atalay gave speeches at the event. Afterwards, the personnel who attended the breakfast all introduced themselves one by one, stating their wishes and requests, and mentioning their pleasure at meeting with the senior management.

2014 Boğaziçi Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş.